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Castle Caladan (art by Matt Howarth, The Dune Encyclopedia)

Castle Caladan as depicted by Matt Howard in the Dune Encyclopedia

Castle Caladan was the official residence of the ruling clan of planet Caladan. It was an ancient structure, made of very old stone and wood, and was characterised by many rooms and halls, as well as vaulted ceilings with patterned wooden beams. It stood by a great river and farmland owned by House Atreides. Various rooms within the castle held views of river orchards and Mount Syubi.

Its Dining Hall was the scene of many lush meals presided over by the Atreides Duke.

Castle Caladan was the home of House Atreides for twenty-six generations, until the Atreides, under the rule of Duke Leto the Just, the 20th Atreides Duke, were ordered to take over the planetary fief of Arrakis in 10191 AG.

Images of Castle Caladan[]

Concept art of Castle Caladan[]

Behind the Scenes[]

Presumably, after the lady Jessica returned to Caladan after her son Paul ascended to the Imperial Throne, she resided in Castle Caladan with Gurney Halleck.

Portrayal in adaptations[]

Both Dune (1984) and Dune (2021) depict the castle on a mountain near a coastline, with a view of the sea. There are no such descriptions in the original Dune novel. Both adaptations also depict the castle as a mix of the old and the new, with its own distinct and time-worn architecture, and various technology and devices contemporary to the time of the first novel's storyline.


  1. The smaller dining room set based on these concepts is visible in one of the first scenes at Castle Caladan, during Paul's and Jessica's breakfast conversation.
  2. The staff dining room set based on these concepts is not really seen (or at least not much) in the theatrical cut of the 2021 Dune film. However, it made an appearance in one of the deleted scenes of the film, where Duncan Idaho and Atreides security staff are drinking and partying before leaving for Arrakis, with a concerned Gurney playing on a baliset nearby.
  3. The castle's aircraft hangar set, based on these concepts, is seen in the scene with Duncan's and Paul's conversation before Duncan leaves with the advance team to Arrakis.
  4. The cemetery set based on this concept was filmed at an outdoors filming space at the Origo Studios in Budapest, with the coastal cliffs and view of the sea inserted later via CGI. Most of the other scenes set on the Caladan coast and seashore were filmed on location in Norway.