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Castle caladan

Castle Caladan as depicted by Matt Howard in the Dune Encyclopedia

Castle Caladan was the official residence of the ruling clan of planet Caladan. It was an ancient structure, made of very old stone and wood, and was characterised by many rooms and halls, as well as vaulted ceilings with patterned wooden beams. It stood by a great river and farmland owned by House Atreides. Various rooms within the castle held views of river orchards and Mount Syubi.

Its Dining Hall was the scene of many lush meals presided over by the Atreides Duke.

Castle Caladan was the home of House Atreides for twenty-six generations, until the Atreides, under the rule of Duke Leto the Just, the 20th Atreides Duke, were ordered to take over the planetary fief of Arrakis in 10191 AG.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Presumably, after The Lady Jessica returned to Caladan after her son Paul ascended to the Imperial Throne, she resided in Castle Caladan with Gurney Halleck.

Dune shows that the Castle has a view of the sea. There are no such descriptions in the original Dune

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