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Carthage was a tragedy written by Harq al-Harba in 10299 AG.

Al-Harba followed Tovat Gwinsted's The Chronicles of the Conquerors.


"Thy expected alien am I"
(III, i, 1)

"My kind walked among Greeks and Romans"

"Why am I singled out then
For this alien role

We've seen it all before, you know.
Carthage, Assyria...."

"This day, an alien awoke in me"
(III, ii, 5)

Make way for a better instructor —
Assur-nasir-apli, cruelest of the cruel,
Whose reign began with patricide.
(III, ii. 125-27)

From those moods conditioned by the chemistry
Ebbing and flowing is an amniotic sea,
Pinocchio vaguely senses
A peristaltic barroom-boom-boom
Yet, when he looks upward
At variable stars and spinning galaxies
At comets and eclipses,
He fails to recognize
That he's a bivalve on the tide-edge of the universe.
You must recall that I'm a Martian.
Which is vastly different in space and time
From Denubians and the people of Al Minhar.
We do not come as far to make our cruel observations.

I have my distant moods, though,
When your history collapses,
And I forget —
Not the day —
Not the year —
But the age!
Which eon is this?
(III, ii, 235-54)

I have to remember who I am
And when.
It's awfully easy to mix up two thousand years,
Just one big kaleidoscopic blur,
Confuses me all to hell!
(III, ii, 341-45)


In the book The Man Who Was al-Harba written in 10710 AG A. J. Kiilwan made the claim some of the lines would have been written only by a longeval alien being, and that the al-Harban plays were written by Leto II

On the other hand Izhnaikas Bauf in his book The Great Cryptogram (10647 AG) mentioned the Plowing Cipher which when used on Carthage would "reveal" the name of Farad'n Corrino.