Carryall-Strategy is a special strategy that use advatages of Carryalls - the best transport mean of DUNE 2000 to bring vehicles from two Raipair Pads. By using Carryalls to send a large number of vehicles, this startegy can make player's force move easily, fast, instantly between bases (even for attacking enemies base).

Although Carryall-Strategy allow players attack as well as defend, it requires many manipulations and a long time to prepare for a march. Other hand, players who choose this strategy is assailable because their force be inside their base when the attack of enemies happenes - it makes them always remain passive. When building an outpost outside their base, their outpost is also attacked because their enemies often attack an easy target - such as this outpost. It mean the outpost must have strong-defense buildings to protect its buildings and its Repair Pad - the heart of the strategy. But after using all force for an attack, the base will be empty and easy to be taken down.

To solve this problem, player must prepare for the worst situation. By building a strong-defense buildings for both main base and outposts, players can both protect their bases and their force. Their allies must know the importance of their contribution so as to protect them. But the most important thing that player should remember, they don't have to use all force when starting the big attack, they should let the rest of the force stay to be the main garrison. Because of the name of this strategy, players must have a large number of Carryalls equals about 3/4 of a number of vehicles. Infantries should be at the outpost before vehicles arrive there. The outpost must be near by the enemy's base, but in a safe distance.

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