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Canopus system is located in the secondary trailing spiral arm of the Starspen galaxy. Its position places Canopus at a distance of 129,000 light years from the nucleus of Starspen. The gravitational field of Canopus is sufficiently strong to hold its retinue of six planets, myriads of asteroidal fragments, and the dust and gas clouds situated near the outer periphery of the planetary system.

Along with the local star group, there is an extensive dust cloud that permeates the Canopus near-space. This dust cloud was first detected by the Arrakian astronomer Chelin in 12704 AG. The peculiar velocity of Canopus carried the cloud along with the planetary system through regions of varying cloud opacity. This had the resulting effect of reducing the radiation incidents on Arrakis, thus triggering near ice-age conditions. Evidence in 12984 AG correlated ice-age-like periods with the dust cloud opacity:

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