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For consistency, the following levels of canon can be accepted in the Dune wiki.

  1. Original Dune novels by Frank Herbert. Absolute canon.
  2. Expanded Dune, such as Legends of Dune, Prelude to Dune, Heroes of Dune, Sequels of Dune and all novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Official, but questionable, canon.
  3. The Dune Encyclopedia. Although sanctioned by Frank Herbert himself, it is also Expanded Dune. It was recognized and admitted as non-canon by Willis E. McNelly himself in a relevant letter.
  4. Dune movies, mini-series and video games are non-canon but official licensed products. Original concepts introduced by those works (for example House Ordos) can deserve individual articles but should always be noted as non-canon. Canon articles should contain alternative information from those sources, only in the Behind the scenes sections. Visual elements from the movies or the games can be used on the wiki for illustration purposes of proper canon articles.
  5. Fanart can be accepted in the wiki in order to illustrate proper canon articles and themes, when official artwork is not available.
  6. Unlicensed Fanfiction has no canonical significance at all and has no place in the wiki.
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