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Cammur Pilru was the Ixian ambassador to the Imperial Court on Kaitain during the Suboid revolt and the resulting Tleilaxu takeover of Ix. He was the husband of S'tina Pilru, a Guild worker; and the father of twins sons, C'tair Pilru and D'murr Pilru.

Pilru welcomed Courier Yuta Brey when she came to plead the Padishah Emperor Elrood IX about the Suboid Revolt. Later she was summoned with her to an audience with the emperor opposing Mofra Tooy of the Tleilaxu. Tooy claimed that the Ixians were violating the Butlerian Jihad, so the Tleilaxu had to stop them forcefully and compile the necessary evidence.

Pilru pleaded with the emperor to send Sardaukar troops back to the planet to aid House Vernius. Unbeknownst to Pilru, Elrood had secretly aided the Tleilaxu, and Sarduakar were present to aid the ousting of the Vernius family.

Cammur watched helplessly as the Tleilax cemented their rule over Ix, and even as they renamed the planet Xuttah, he maintained a type of Ixian place of exile, as even House Vernius had gone renegade and underground. Cammur did manage to allow thelives of both Vernian children, Rhombur Vernius and Kailea Vernius to be spared, and to seek sanctuary with House Atreides on Caladan.

Some twenty years later, when Cammur learned of the secret parentage of Tyros Reffa, that he was the half-brother of Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV, by way of Rhombur's mother, Lady Shando Vernius. Cammur visited Reffa in the Imperial Prison on Kaitain, and while there, took skin samples of DNA before Ryffa was executed. After House Vernius was restored to Ix with the help of House Atreides, Rhombur's wife, Tessia Vernius, agreed to conceive a child using Tyros' DNA. The child, the adopted son of Rhombus, and heir to House Vernius, was named, Bronso Vernius.

What became of Cammur is not known.

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