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Camie Boro (224 BG - 110 BG) was the last known descendant of the Fallen Emperor of the Old Empire during the Butlerian Jihad. Iblis Ginjo married her to improve his political power and image.

Although they had three kids together, the marriage was clearly a political convenience and the two spoke mainly when in public.

After Ginjo's death, Boro succeeded him as Grand Patriarch and was essential in the machinations that covered his crimes during the war and cleaned out his name, redirecting the accusations towards the "traitor" Xavier Harkonnen. Along with Yorek Thurr they led the Jihad Council and she proposed the construction of the monument to the Three Martyrs.

Camie Boro succeeded her husband promising Yorek Thurr to be her successor, however ten years later she resigned and denied him the succession and placed her own son, Tambir Boro-Ginjo in the throne of the Grand Patriarch. Thurr then feigned his death in a ship explosion and went to the Synchronized Worlds.

Later, she put her grandson (of her other child) Xander Boro-Ginjo to succeed her son in the position of the Grand Patriarch.


Preceded by
Iblis Ginjo
Grand Patriarch of the Holy Jihad
164 BG - 154 BG
Succeeded by
Tambir Boro-Ginjo