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C'tair Pilru (b. 10136 AG) was the son of Cammar Pilru, Ix's Ambassador to Kaitain, and S'tina Pilru, a Guild banker. Over the course of two decades near the end of the Corrino Empire, was instrumental in restoring House Vernius to rulers of the planet Ix.


While Cammar attended to diplomatic duties with the Emperor and a thousand functionaries on Kaitain, C'tair, with his identical twin D'murr Pilru, lived in one of the wings of the Grand Palais of Vernii with their mother. They were mentored by inventor Davee Rogo who taught them how to keep an open mind.

Growing up, they were grooming and preparing themselves for to become Navigators. They both enjoyed flirting with Kailea Vernius, who played the twins against each other, and he and D'murr engaged in a mock rivalry for her affections.

When they were 17, they entered the Guild Embassy Building by their mother in order to take the final rigorous test to be accepted to the Guild. They were sprayed with spice and unlike his brother, D'murr opened his mind; he felt melange pressing into his every pore and cell and envisioned himself as a revered Navigator, expanding his mind to the farthest reaches of the Imperium, encompassing everything.

C'tair on the other hand, did not manage to open his mind and pass the test, was taken out from the building, and told that he would never see his twin again.

When the Tleilaxu conquered Ix, and renamed it Xuttah, C'tair Pilru went into hiding, and posed throughout his day as an everyday workman. Guided by a "vision" of Davee Rogo he started to collect technological remnants and started to construct a device. Eventually, C'tair joined Miral Alchem and started an underground resistance on the planet.

After a few years, C'tair stole a crude interstellar communicating device, improved it, and was able to transmit messages to D'murr asking for help. D'murr, his body and mind already having adapted into being a steersman, promised to do what he could to help the people of Ix, but felt that the problems of human-kind were beneath his concerns.

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