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Buzzell was a planet most famous for the lustrous Soostones that were found in its seas. Around the time of the Butlerian Jihad, Buzzell was an Unallied World.

During Elrood Corrino IX's rule, a soostone skimming operation took place, and a CHOAM scandal: a family of royal impersonators who disappeared to a rogue planet somewhere beyond Imperial control caused lost profits for Buzzell and the adjoining systems.[1]

It housed a Bene Gesserit Keep. As Buzzell was not a very hospitable world the Bene Gesserit punished those who refused to conform to their ideals by sending them there, including those who had committed the crime of love.

Buzzell was the first planet retaken from the Honored Matres by the New Sisterhood and their armada of no-ships. On the planet the disgraced Reverend Mothers were rescued by the Mother Commander of the New Sisterhood and one was made overseer of the soostone harvesting, after argumentative Honored Matres were dealt with.

Later, Tylwyth Waff would release his seaworms on Buzzell, causing devastation to the Soostone harvesting process.


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