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Butlerian Leader was the title given to a leader of the Butlerian movement. The three Leaders in the period in which the movement was of any galactic signifance were Rayna Butler, Manford Torondo and Anari Idaho.

Butlerian Leaders[]

# Portrait Butlerian Leader
(period of leadership)
1 Rayna-butler by boger-d32rnnn Rayna Butler
108 BG - 22 BG
Founder and first Leader of the movement. The temporary governor of Parmentier. Killed in a bombing and died in the hands of Manford Torondo.
Dune-redplague full-1
Manford Torondo
22 BG - 1 AG
Blessed by Rayna in her dying moments to become the second Leader. In his first years of leadership, Torondo invaded Tlulax and relocated the movement to Lampadas. Later, he led the Butlerian forces during the galactic civil war, and was killed by his nemesis Ptlomey.
3 Anari Idaho
1 AG - ???
A Ginaz Swordmaster. Previously the chief lieutenant of Manford, she took over after his murder, killing Ptlomey.