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Buer Agarves- once a Tabrite, then aide to Zia, who directed Alia Atreides's temple guards. He was the one sent by Stilgar to tell Alia that both Duncan Idaho and Javid were dead and that Stilgar had fled into the desert with Ghanima Atreides and Irulan. Alia offered to make Buer Naib of Sietch Tabr if he would kill Stilgar. Alia/Baron then took Buer Agarves as a lover, and he was sent to "negotiate" with Stilgar for the return of Ghanima and Irulan. Alia had placed a beacon in a pair of boots she had given Agarves as a gift. As her soldiers raided the secret meeting, Stilgar killed Agarves, as Alia hoped he would do.


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