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Brigit Paterson was a Salusan Militia engineer. She was a masculine looking woman.

She was a part of Serena Butler's commando strike team that would save Giedi Prime. She secured detailed maps, plans, and blueprints of all aspects of Giedi Prime and Giedi City, including full functional diagrams of the subsidiary scrambler-shield generators which Pinquer Jibb confirmed they were up to date. Pinquer Jibb had provided the blueprints, plans, and access codes for the secondary shield-transmitting towers, if any of the systems remained intact.

Paterson's engineering crew had equipped the blockade runner that Ort Wibsen found, with the best experimental materials she could scavenge from weapons manufactories.

Brigit Paterson was pessimistic about whether the League Armada would even take the chance to rescue them as soon as they finished the repairs.

On Giedi Prime, they realized that the secondary shield-transmitting station on the polar island was not at all near completion. When Serena's covert team landed, they spent a day bringing their supplies and equipment to shore, breaking open the barracks buildings and restarting the power-generating huts.

Brigit Paterson had scanned the status of the work, and estimated that it would be possible to finish the work since the framework and heavy construction were completed, but most of the components had not been wired. Her team in the following week, used stimulants to work round the clock wired and linked the substations and had the cables strung to the highest girders.

When 90% of the job was done, her team had to go component by component and harden the circuits to make sure the system will last more than five minutes once they activate it. But not long enough that being detectable by the machines. This work would take another week and Serena Butler took the blockade runner to intercept the incoming Armada with Xavier Harkonnen. Paterson was monitoring the thinking-machine communications net and would know when the Armada would come.

When the Armada was detected by Omnius, he launched a counterattack. Brigit Paterson was the one who activated the shields when the machine fleet started to take off. The shields neutralized the gelcircuitry of those ships mid-air, which then started to fall down and crush on the surface. They also kept the orbiting fleet trapped outside.

In the end, Paterson was found by Xavier Harkonnen, and then they both found out that Serena did not make it to the Armada fleet.


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