• Laker26


    July 15, 2013 by Laker26

    07/15/2013 corrected 2 spelling errors in OD and Dx before signing up. Just sayin'.

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  • Wagnike2

    Always wanted to make a video list of every time a character says a cool quote? Wish you could capture every awesome fight scene in your favorite movie? Want the exact clip that perfectly fits with the content of your article page? Now you can. We have recently signed a partnership with AnyClips, which will let us take any scene from a selected list of movie titles and turn them into licensed videos you can use on your wiki.

    How does it work? Easy. Visit the Wikia Video Library and fill out our clip request form here. Select from the dropdown in the form to see a list of available movie titles and describe which scene you’d like us to clip for you. Once we create the clip, we will let you know on your talk page or message wall so you c…

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  • Namgyal

    Hello there, I'm new here but was wondering about whether folk were aware of any modern day martial arts akin to the Weirding Way. It is clear a number of 'real' sources were drawn upon by Frank Herbert for the religion and also conflict found in the books and it would be interesting to learn where the idea came from to base a martial art on the Hindu/Buddhist prana-bindu system (or tsa-lung in Tibetan Buddhism). I know of one martial art grounded in that methodology (search for the Gar-Tak Dancing Tiger martial art) but I was wondering if there is an existing 'source' in the books.

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    Greetings anyone?

    August 28, 2010 by R17RFUNNY

    Hello,This is R17rFunny,I am new here,But You can also find Me at SporeWiki,I play Emperor:Battle for Dune on My PC,BTW,I can contribute to information and stuff about the Dune Video Games if You want Me to,But I might need some Help and Assistance along the Way

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  • Zoomer1066

    I have been a rabid Dune fan since 1985. I have read and re-read and re-read every book by Frank Herbert. At first I was apprehensive about the new Dune books but I got over that very quickly. Brian's writing style is not like his father but he does tell a great story.

    If I had to have a favorite it would be a dead tir between Heretics and Chapterhouse. What an amazing cast of characters and there is so much to learn about our common humainty in those two books.

    Thank you ALL again for the remarkable job you have done on this site.

    Steve Patterson

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