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Emperor's blade

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Assassination Blade

Curved Knife

Fremen Knife

Curved knife (kindjal ?) from Frank Herbert's Dune (Sci-Fi Channel, 2000)

The technical revolution initiated by the Holtzman Effect saw the return of hand-to-hand combat to the battlefields of the Imperium. The unpredictable interaction of a lasgun beam and a Holtzman field forced the military of the empire to develop new techniques of in shield fighting which included new styles of fencing and knife fighting. Still the use of projectile weapons such as Dartguns or tiny projectors of needles were common but the more effective combat method was the effective use of blade weapons.

Long blades as well as short blades were used in shield-fighting, but commonly short blades were seen as more effective by experienced swordsmen. Blades were mostly forged of plasteel or Damasteel and could take different forms and designs.

Known designs[]

Long Blades[]

  • Long sword
  • Rapier
  • Sardaukar sword
  • Saw knife

Short Blades[]


  • Axe
  • Lance
  • Spear

Expanded Dune[]

Known Designs[]

  • Assassination Blade
  • Ceremonial Blade
  • Dagger
    • Long Dagger - worn by the Seraphim
      • dueling dagger
    • Short Dagger - worn by Jipol officers
    • Stun-dagger - worn by Atreides fighters
  • Hexagonal Blades - assassination-trap devices
  • Knives
    • Curved Knife - used by the Guards of Rabban-Lankiveil
    • Fishing Knife - curved bladed weapons worn by Atreides Seamen
    • Lasknife
    • Makeshift-knife - improvised knifes
      • Scrap-metal knife - a kind of improvided knife
    • Shellfish Knife - worn by Lankiveil house-servants
    • Spatula-Knife - worn by the Ixians
    • Wire-knife - kitchen-knife used by Richesian chefs
    • Neuroknife
    • Razorknife - worn by Sardaukar-assassins
    • Robot-Knife - blades worn by the robots of the machine-empire
    • Work blade
      • Cutter Blades
      • Saw Blade - round blades used by the Harkonnens to cut limbs
  • Nanoblade
  • Ponta Neuroknife
  • Pulse-sword
  • Swords
  • Epees - weapons mastered by the Ginaz
    • Harkonnen sword - thrusting-sword worn by Harkonnen-soldiers
    • Katana
    • Short Sword - uded by Atreides fighters in combination with the Kindjal
      • Barbed short sword - worn by combat-meks
      • sardaukar short fighting sword
    • Long sword - weapons mastered by the Ginaz
      • Broad sword
      • Electronic sword - used by the Army of the Jihad and the Ginaz
      • Fencing sword
      • Two-handed sword - enormous weapons mastered by the Ginaz
      • Heavy sword - worn by the Atreides Duke
      • Ceremonial sword - worn by the Ginaz masters
    • Rapier - used by the Atreides in shield-fighting
    • Wooden sword -
      • Training sword - used in swordmaster- training
    • Saber-sword - weapons mastered by the Ginaz

Famous Blades[]