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Bindikk Narvi was an Ecazi diplomat during the events of the Prelude to Dune series.

Assassination during Count Fenring's Banquet[]

He represented Archduke Armand Ecaz during a banquet organized by Count Hasimir Fenring and Lady Margot Fenring in Arrakeen. Bindikk is described as a "small man with a deep, thundering voice".

During the dinner, a topic concerning the expensive cost of the Ecazi vegetables arose in the table, and Bindikk affirmed that the rising cost was due to crop sabotage caused by the "Grumman Blight", the name the Ecazis chose for that new scourge. Bindikk also informed the guests that similar sabotage had occurred in the Fogtree woods in the Elaccan continent, on Ecaz, also caused by Grummans. House Moritani representative, Lupino Ord, claimed that because of their tricks concerning prices, the Ecazis were driven from Old Terra in disgrace. When a verbal confrontation started, Count Ferning ordered his guests to keep calm during the dinner.

Later during the dinner, Ord provoked again Narvi, and the latter shouted "you're an idiot, Ord", and his pair answered "And you're a fool and a dead man".

Almost instantly, and using as a pretext that he was drunk, Ord drew a gleaming cutterdisk pistol and with ear-piercing reports, fired repeatedly at Narvi. Cutterdisks tore Narvi's face and chest apart, killing him long before the effects of poison had affected him.

Count Hasimir Fenring, furious at such outrage in front of his guests and his lady, ordered his guard to arrest Lupino Ord and lock him in one of the underground tunnels. Ferning paid no attention to Ord's claims of diplomatic immunity, arguing that no one shall ever assume what he might dare to do, even to someone with immunity.

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen told Count Fenring that such a matter was under the latter's jurisdiction. Fenring, disgusted, informed Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV of the assassination and the growing animosity between House Ecaz and House Moritani.