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Beowulf and Barbarossa

Beowulf (c. 1082 BG - 88 BG) was a Neocymek. Initially a trustee human, he was created by Barbarossa about a century after the creation of Omnius. His biggest appeal to Agamemnon was his skill and knowledge in thinking machine programs and programming -- thus making him an acceptable candidate to replace Barbarossa. Beowulf had found a way to create an instructional loop that placed false recordings into Omnius's watcheyes, allowing the Titans to hold secret meetings against The Evermind.

During an assault against a ship containing Zufa Cenva and Aurelius Venport, Beowulf suffered brain damage dealt by Hecate's asteroid. The kinetic spheres thrown by her vessel sent power surges through delicate thoughtrodes, searing portions of the brain. Beowulf escaped but was discovered later in the asteroid field of Ginaz by a cymek scout party. Even though the neo-cymek was not what he used to be, Agamemnon allowed Beowulf to continue fighting with them as an act of appreciation. Beowulf could not move nor speak properly, stumbling when walking and stuttering. During the attack on Hessra, he threw himself in a crevasse and was buried by snow. His fellow Titans were disappointed by him, but they let the cymek live.

Years later, when Agamemnon decided to expand his empire over the scorched Synchronized Worlds, the three Titans decided to euthanize the useless cymek by dismantling him.

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