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Bel Moulay [d. 201 BG] was a Zenshiite slave who led the slave revolt on Poritrin.

Bel Moulay was a bearded, dark skinned religious leader, trained on IV Anbus in the strictest laws of the Zenshiite interpretation of Buddislam. He had learned the true scriptures and sutras, had analyzed every passage. Eventually, he was captured by Tlulaxa slavers. He became the slave leader on Poritrin and the other slaves looked to him for inspiration and interpretation.

He was bought by Tio Holtzman along with Aliid, Ishmael and other slaves to prepare for the (failed) Alloy-resonance generator test. He was present in the demonstration and saw his fellow slaves killed in the explosion and the crash down. He would never forget how he hated the man responsible for their deaths.

During that time, he instigated and inspired other Zenzhiite slaves, like little Aliid and Ishmael, who was a Zensunni and questioned his advocacy for outright uprising. Eventually, while working as solvers to Holtzman, Aliid, inspired by Moulay's speech, pushed Ishmael to introduce mistakes in the equations. For punishment, they were ousted from his mansion.

Moulay was also present in Holtzman's personal shield test. He was given (to Dragoon guards' reluctance) and Chandler pistol and a grenade to test against Holtzman. Moulay, although tempted, did not attempt a coup.

When the League Armada ships were retrofitted with Holtzman shields, the slaves were prepared. They intentionally did a lousy job, something which had been detected by Segundo Xavier Harkonnen. For this, Niko Bludd declared a Day of Shame on them. Moulay then talked openly against Poritrin, the League and slavery and the revolt started awakening seeds he had planted during secret talks, month after month. Slaves refused to follow orders, besieged the starport, disarmed the guards, captured citizens and burnt the city of Starda. Lord Bludd received a list of demands from the Moulay who demanded the release of all enslaved Zenshiites and Zensunnis from bondage, and safe passage back to their homeworlds.

The revolt was crushed by the Dragoon guards supplied with the new Holtzman shields. Moulay was apprehended. The slaves received amnesty due to the demanding labor force but their leader could not be forgiven. As punishment, was publicly and brutally executed. He was cut piece by piece, his teeth battered out with a hammer, his limbs and tongue cut, his eyes burnt, and then hang slowly, without breaking his neck.

The date of the execution was celebrated on Poritrin for years afterward, but his memory would be revered by the slaves.

Aliid would later lead another rebellion which would cause the death of a large part of Starda City. Aliid's revolt occurred on the anniversary of Moulay's brutal execution.