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Beely Ridondo was the Imperial Court Chamberlain for the Corrino Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV. Ridondo came to be Chamberlain almost immediately after Shaddam ascended the Golden Lion Throne, after the years-long assassination plot against Shaddam's father Elrood IX, and Elrood's death due to chaumurky.

Beely managed the rigorous schedule of the Imperial Court, and decided who would be allowed entrance into the Imperial Opal Palace to see the Emperor in Corrinth City on Kaitain. Furthermore, it was rumored amongst the Great Houses that Ridondo kept extensive lists as to which Landsraad nobles attended official Imperial functions, such as Shaddam's wedding to Firenza Thorvald in 10,187 AG, and which did not.

Ridondo even went with Shaddam and the rest of the Corrino family, when they were exiled to Salusa Secundus after the Arrakis Revolt. As life on Salusa Secundus was hard, Shaddam personally sent Ridondo to Arrakis to plead with the new Emperor Paul Atreides, to keep his promise to turn the prison planet into a "garden world, full of gentle things". As Alia Atreides, Paul's four-year old sister, was holding Court instead, she told Ridondo that the Corrino exiles would have to be patient.

Ridondo concluded by saying asking Alia if Muad'Dib "breaks his word?" Korba responded by drawing his crysknife, and not being stopped by Alia, slit Beely's throat in front of the assembled crown and Court. Princess Irulan, who was also in attendance at the event, protested in earnest immediately after his execution; to which Alia responded that the Old Imperium no longer existed.

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