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Battle of Zimia
Date: 177 BG
Place: IV Anbus
Result: Butlerian Jihad victory
Butlerian Jihad Thinking machines
Xavier Harkonnen Unknown
Army of the Jihad Robotic warships, war robots
1 Ballista, several Ginaz Swordmasters All ground forces, several robotic warships

Campaign: Butlerian Jihad

The Battle of IV Anbus was a battle of the Butlerian Jihad that attempted to prevent the occupatoin of IV Anbus from the Thinking Machines.


Tlulaxa Slaver Rekur Van visited the planet for capturing Buddislamic slaves. During preparing a raid, he noticed a machine fleet gathering around the planet. He notified secretly Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo who was a secret colleague of his in this business.

Ginjo didn't reveal his sources and responded appropriately with sending a force to protect the planet.

The battle

Primero Vorian Atreides commanded the space defense while Primero Xavier Harkonnen commanded the land defense. During the campaign, Primero Harkonnen had been negotiating with the local Zenshiite Elder Rhengalid for their cooperation against the invaders. The negotiations yielded no agreement. While deploying his forces, Primero Harkonnen sent his foster brother, Terceros Vergyl Tantor and Hondu Crehg to set up an ambush for the Thinking Machines in two villages outside the Zenshiite capital.

However the villagers were equally reluctant to help: The ground troops were poisoned (non-lethally) by the villagers and their equipment sabotaged. With limited options remaining, Primero Harkonnen decided to use his Ginaz mercenaries to rig the local dam with explosives. When the Thinking Machine invaders approached, Primero Harkonnen blew the dam and destroyed the invaders under the massive flood waters from the dam breech. Part of the capital was destroyed along with holy relics and people who refused to leave.

Although IV Anbus was spared from atomic devastation, the Rhengalid cursed the Army of the Jihad and their leaders, primarily Xavier Harkonnen: swearing that him and his descendants will suffer for millions of years. To which Xavier Harkonnen replied they would be able to rebuild their city while alive and free.


The battle climaxed in space, above tha planet. Primero Vorian Atreides managed to drive off the machine fleet using a programmed signal which persuaded the machines that the Jihadi fleet was much larger.

Vergyl's ballista in his over-enthusiasm, tried to attack a cymek fleet, who appeared when the Jihadi ships had to suppress the over-heated Holtzman shields. The ship suffered many hits and the crew ejected in lifepod, only to be collected by the cymeks.


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