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The Battle of Giedi Prime was a brief battle of cymeks against the League planet Giedi Prime, in retaliation for their loss at Zimia.


Prior to the attack, spy watcheyes zoomed through the system like tiny meteoroids. From those readings, Agamemnon had exploited a slight weakness in planetary defenses. Omnius had been willing to pay the necessary price to take over a League World.

The humans of the planet, warned about the recent assault against Salusa Secundus, had erected scrambler fields centering their transmitting towers in Giedi City. The planet was surrounded by orbital protective forces, the field-generator facility had been guarded by Kindjal fighter craft, embankments, and armored ground vehicles.


The planet's first-line orbital forces had been brushed aside by the machine fleet with some robotic losses. Agamemnon then led the cymek ships in, along with the sacrificial cruisers; the ground defenses could not hope to drive them back.

A huge robotic cruiser had positioned above the planet, its cargo holds filled with explosives, while dozens of other cruisers (led by 30 decoy vessels) lined up for the assault.

With its engines at full speed, the sacrificial Cruiser accelerated into the atmosphere, faster than any ground-based missile defenses could target, followed by the other cruisers who approached the shield. Kindjal fighters engaged the last explosive-laden vessel, but it proved too big and too hot to be swerved. Then the plummeting juggernaut fell like an asteroid-sized hammer and slammed into the field transmitters on the outskirts of Giedi City, creating a crater half a kilometer wide.

Since the Shields were neutralized, the robots came down in full force.


The planet was conquered easily without any loss of cymeks; Agamemnon and his friend Barbarossa walked through the City destroying the surrounding buildings, except the City's industries. Agamemnon wore his most terrifying machine body.

The two Titans reached the residence of Magnus Sumi, remembering their time when they conquered the Old Empire, followed by neo-cymeks and marching robotic troops to help secure the territory.

When the Magnus refused to bow to the Titans, Agamemnon swung one of his sleek metal arms to strike the governor in the face, but the arm delivered a blow so forceful that it ripped the man's torso in half.

Barbarossa then dismantled the household's systems and installed a gelsphere mainframe into which he uploaded the newest version of Omnius's mind. During that process the invasion force shored up damaged industrial buildings.


Survivors of the Giedi Prime Home Guard would retreat underground and create a resistance. Pinquer Jibb flew a shuttle to Salusa and notified the League about the situation. The machine victory would be brief, since Giedi Prime would be liberated shortly after.