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The Battle of Corrin was a space battle that resulted to the House Corrino ascend the Imperial seat. It took its name from the Corrin quasi-nebula in day 97 of 88 BG and lasted two hours - the longest of all known space battles.


Count Sheuset Ecevit wanted to ensure the position of his house waged war against the other important houses of the Landsraad. His greatest military power were his Sardaukar, an invincible fighting force in land battle.

He assembled his fleet of 24 ships for the occupation of Glarus, however Bashar Abulurd Harkonnen it is believed that betrayed him and the Landsraad High Council learned of Ecevit's plan and put 71 capital ships waiting in ambush between Glarus and Salusa Secundus, intending to engage in a space battle before meet them on the ground.

Ecevit's intelligence though, anticipated them and he had transferred his Sardaukar to combat ships and plunged directly into their hiding place.

The battle

During the first minute of the battle, the ship commanded by Abulurd Harkonnen fled. The engaged fleets were restricted to low velocities and their maneuvers often influenced more by the environment of the quasi-nebula, than tacticality.

Torpedoes were affected and Shields were unreliable but nor did lasguns become useful since the bursts were diffused/delected. The navigators could not calculate the extremely complex variables of the situation more than 100-2 seconds before the event and had to be fed with new data very frequently; the navigators who relied on perception were favored.

Matching the vectors, approach closely and follow a barrage of lasgun with a boarding party proved the most effective tactic, suicidal otherwise, since few of the Landsraad warships carried any trained personnel. Even those were still vanquishable by the Sardaukar, who then conquered to take the ship against the remaining Landsraad ships. This Sheuset's ships gained during the first 30 minutes more than compensated for greater Landsraad numbers. The Sardaukar captured 37 of the 71 enemy ships.

19 (including the flagship) were blown up mostly in the second hour due to panic and desperation. 3 surrendered, 11 escaped and 1 was lost. The Landsraad commander Duke Efim was killed.

Of Sheuset's only 2 were destroyed the one having his younger daughter, with 5 allied ships


Due to treachery, House Harkonnen lost its honor. Bashar Abulurd and stripped by rank, titles and his Dahkotah mining interests, but was allows to live free into exile.

After his victory, Sheuset Ecevit became Emperor Sheuset Corrino I and his House ruled for 10000 years.

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