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Beowulf and Barbarossa

Barbarossa [d. 203 BG) was one of the original Titans, and the accidental creator of Omnius.

Early Life Edit

Born as Vilhelm Jayther, Barbarossa had been one of the earliest Titan recruits, having known Agamemnon and Juno before their ambitious quest to usurp the Old Empire came to fruition.

A gifted programmer, Barbarossa was technical architect of the Titan's rise to power. Having hacked into the Empire's lax computer network, he implanted a complex artificial intelligence subsystem that made the network nodes want to participate in the imminent revolution.

Life as a Titan Edit

After the revolution, Barbarossa became a highly regarded member of the Titans. Like the other surviving members of the group he transferred his brain into a preservation canister and abandoned his human body in favor of more robust machine forms.

It was ultimately Barbarossa's genius that helped undo the Time of Titans. Eventually the modified computer network evolved into Omnius, and rose up against all humans. However, a safeguard in Barbarossa's original programming prevented Omnius from killing any of the Titans. Thus Barbarossa spent several thousand years in service of the Thinking Machines.

Death Edit

Shortly before the start of the Butlerian Jihad, during a League invasion of Giedi Prime, Barbarossa captured Serena Butler and delivered her to Earth. Soon after however, he was killed by Heoma, a Sorceress of Rossak.


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