Barbara Mutelli (9997 AG - 10026 AG) was a woman from House Mutelli.

She had a daughter with the newly croend Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX, in 10018 AG. She was named Wensicia Corrino I.

The following year in 10019 AG they married. A son Elliott Corrino was born in 10020 AG. He was then murdered in 10021 AG by Elrood himself.

After Elrood murdered Elliott, Barbara Mutelli went insane. Elrood repeatedly impregnated her, and then had the embryos removed and placed in storage for later dynastic emergencies.

Shaddam Corrino IV was born by Habla who was implanted with one of Barbara's preserved fertilized embryos. This makes Shaddam and Wensicia full siblings even though Shaddam is unaware of this and views her as a half-sibling.

Barbara's bastard daughter ended up living longer than her father.


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