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Imperial Judge as depicted in the Dune CCG

Bain O'Garee was a Lord of the planet Hagal.

In 10156 AG, O'Garee was the head of the Landsraad tribunal during the young Duke Leto Atreides' Trial by Forfeiture.

Leto's Trial by Forfeiture[]

It had been vehemently put forth by the Bene Tleilaxu that Leto I had ordered the Atreides starship's to fire upon two of their vessels while in the holding area of a travelling Guild heighliner. Unknown to both the Tleilax or the Atreides, a secret and hidden no-ship piloted by Glossu Rabban Harkonnen had left its' docking clamp. The invisible ship then travelled under the Atreides vessel, and fired upon the Tleilaxu craft. To prevent his imminent death from other Houses in the heighliner, Leto ordered the Forfeiture Trial.

Though O'Garee had though Leto to come from a fair and honorable family, Leto was unable to prove his innocence in front of the committee. Just as O'Garee and his compatriot nobles were ready to pronounce final judgment on Leto, the Crown Prince Shaddam Corrino IV strode into the Landsraad Chamber, and asked O'Garee to speak. O'Garee assented, and Shaddam gave a spirited defense of his distant cousin, and over the protests of the Tleilaxu, demanded Leto to be found innocent. Not wishing to be on the future Emperor's bad side, O'Garee and the Landsraad tribunal found Leto to be innocent.

Supporting Leto Over the Beakkal Incident[]

Years later, O'Garee spoke of his support of Leto's actions on the planet Beakkal when the now-Emperor Shaddam was briefing the Imperial Court on the strife on that planet.

Afterwards, no other incident was recorded about O'Garee.