Expanded Dune
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An Augmented human was one which had been changed by the Thinking Machine rulers, Omnius, and especially Erasmus.

An augmented human was an improved upon human, in the opinion of Erasmus; who could perform more duties than the average man or woman. Giving the human more abilities involved connecting tubes through the lobes of the brain to stimulate neural activity. To increase blood flow, and therefore the circulatory system of the human body, various waste tubes and plastic pipes were placed on the outside of the cranium and other parts of the body.

Raised especially by Erasmus, they were completely loyal to the Independent Robot, and were used as observers and spies on some of the servants Erasmus considered partially untrustworthy, such as Enhanced Face Dancers. Erasmus sent augmented humans to Dan during the up-bringing of the clone of Paul Atreides, Paolo. Erasmus wanted unbiased reports on Khrone's raising of the child he believed might grow up to be the Ultimate Kwisatz Haderach.

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