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Audrii I was the son of Shaddam I and brother of Ezhar I. However, he didn't rule until after the end of the First Protectorate, because of unresolved differences between his father's heirs.

Protector Harmon II had Imperial aspirations and refused to step down from the throne, until Iason Atreides settled down the differences and persuaded Harmon to accept Audrii.

His first task was to restore Abulurd III Harkonnen's title which were removed by Harmon. However, Abulurd's son, Iosif, was caught in bed with Audrii's son and as a result House Harkonnen were demoted to their lesser title of Lords Tupelo, and were required to pay a large fine into the Imperial treasury.

In 635 AG, Iason was named Count Aramanli and Audrii gave him his daughter, Princess Salusa, welcoming him as a member of the Imperial Household.

He was succeeded by his son, Sheuset III.

Preceded by
Harmon II (as Protector)
Emperor of the Known Universe
603 AG - 669 AG
Succeeded by
Sheuset III