Atomic explosion

Mixed Canonicity
This article or section refers to elements from both Original Dune and Expanded Dune.

Atomics, referred to the process of nuclear fission, and more specifically to nuclear weapons of mass destruction. A particularly famous type of atomic weapon was the stone burner.

Significance of Atomics


Atomics harbored a pronounced psychological and social stigma, and were rarely used due to traumatic historical events. Their prohibition was enforced by the Great Convention, which dicated that the offensive use of atomics is grounds for planetary annihilation. Nonetheless, the Great Houses continued to stockpile atomics in the event that humanity ever encountered an alien intelligence that intended to do them harm.

Mankind's aversion to atomics came from their devastating use during the war against the thinking machines. Though many worlds were affected, the most notable ones were Earth and Corrin.

Actual or suspected use of atomics

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The actual and suspected use of atomics made several appearances throughout intergalactic history. Notable among these were the following critical events:


Known kinds of Atomics

Original Dune

Expanded Universe

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Behind the Scenes

Some of the atomic-related events (specifically, events involving Poritrin, the Great Purge, and the atomic destruction of Earth) are not explicitely mentioned by Frank Herbert in his original Dune novels. They were detailed in the Legends of Dune novels.

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