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Aquim [d. 200 BG] was the Secondary of Cogitor Arn Eklo on Earth.

He was a broad-shouldered once muscular man. He had sunken eyesockets with dull eyes.

His father fought against the thinking machines and died in the attempt. Aquim sought revenge against the machines and led a small band of men. They destroyed several robots as well as trustee slaves. Eklo arranged for his rescue and rehabilitation. Eklo's reasons and ways to achieve this were obscure even to Aquim.

Aqim became Eklo's secondary. During serving the Cogitor he used to take semuta drug to forget my own destructive past and enables him to focus on what is really important, ignoring the sensual distractions of the flesh.

Iblis Ginjo while being a trustee, had contact with both Eklo and Aquim. When Eklo decided to inspire Ginjo for a coup against the machines, he proposed that Aquim would aid him. Aquim indeed gave Ginjo some counsel.

When Ginjo instigated the rebellion of Earth after the death of Manion the Innocent, Ginjo led Serena Butler to freedom. He appointed Aquim to lead the rebellion.

When Juno decided to punish Eklo, she bombarded the monastery with projectiles. Aquim was there, and seeing the building rumbling, he covered the Cogitor's brain canister with his body. However he was not able to protect the canister when Juno threw his dead body and crushed the Cogitor's brain with her flowmetal fingers.

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