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Amal (also known as Ajidamal), was an attempt by the joint forces of the Tleilaxu and House Corrino to create a viable melange alternative. This was to be accomplished on Ix using the advanced facilities that already existed there, and the extensive knowledge of genetic science that the Tleilaxu possessed.

Reasons for the Project[edit | edit source]

For the Emperor Elrood IX, and then his son the Crown Prince Shaddam, Project Amal was a means to gain the sort of power that it was felt the Corrino Emperor should have. Tired of the many factions that vied for control of melange and diluted the Emperor's power, Hasimir Fenring hatched a plan with his friend Shaddam's blessing. If the plan was successful, the Emperor would have become the principal supplier of the spice melange, thus ending the monopoly enjoyed by planet Arrakis, and whichever Great House maintained the fief there.

Failure of the Project[edit | edit source]

Due to the inherent chemical complexity of an awareness spectrum narcotic such as melange, and the unique conditions on Arrakis that were ideal to its production, the plan ultimately failed. However, some 1500 years after the death of the God-Emperor Leto Atreides II, melange had come to be successfully fabricated off Arrakis (by this time known as Rakis), by the Bene Tleilax through their Axlotl Tanks. This fabricated Tlielaxu spice was still referred to simply as melange and not amal, since it was a pure replication of the spice from Arrakis, and not derived from an alternative formula.

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