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Alman I bin Haig (d. 123 AG) was the husband of Emperor's Saudir I's daughter, and brother in law of Elrood I. He was the father of Alman II.

After Elrood I ascended the throne, he was assassinated and the rightful heir was exiled. Alman ascended the throne and brought a bill of attainder before the Landsraad in 122 AG accusing Elias Atreides of supporting the exiled Emperor.

Alman was assassinated before the bill could be acted upon. He was succeeded by Saudir II, son of his predecessor.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although not mentioned, perhaps he was behind the assassination of Elrood I. We see alternating roles between the descendants of Alman and the other Emperors, with assassinations between them, suggesting at least two rival lines.

Alman Corrinos were hostile to the Atreides. It is not known who is the "exiled emperor" but perhaps it refers to Saudir II, who possibly was a rightful heir and perhaps exiled by Alman himself. The text of the Dune Encyclopedia is not clear in Alman's role, if he was an usurper or not.

Preceded by
Elrood I
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
104 AG - 123 AG
Succeeded by
Saudir II
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