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Aliid [d. 174 BG] was a fellow slave of Ishmael during their time on Poritrin before and during the Butlerian Jihad.

A member of the Zenshiite faith, Aliid was more prone to actions without care of consequences than his Zensunni friend Ishmael. Aliid first began to rebel during his assignment as a solver in Tio Holtzman's labs. He would make minor changes to the equations which would yield either wrong or disastrous conclusions. Hearing the elder Bel Moulay's fireside lectures, Aliid soon escalated his activity and took part in the Moulay inspired slave revolt. The revolt was crushed thanks in part to the Poritrin Dragoons being issued Holtzman's new personal shields.

Aliid and Ishmael grew up and had families of slaves. However Aliid remained defiant and reluctant. As a punishment of his aggressive behavior, Aliid was separated from his family and sent to different work assignments. He and Ishmael met again later.

Aliid met his end during the 2nd slave revolt on Poritrin. This time Aliid found an ancient Lasgun and returned to Tio Holtzman's labs to face the inventor. Unfortunately for them and the citizens of Starda City, Holtzman was wearing a personal shield when they met. The resulting explosion destroyed Holtzman's labs and much of the city around it.


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