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Alia VII (d. 7519 AG) was the daughter of Fredhrick al-Hajus and his Consort, Hippolute Atreides. Her brother was Fredhrick II

After their father's death, they ruled jointly. She also inherited the Ducal throne of her aunt, Duchess Clio II Atreides who died childless in 7501 AG.

Her sons were Sidir XVIII, who became Emperor after her death, Saurophon who inherited the Duchy, and probably Avelard IX, who became Emperor after Sidir. Saurophon's son Nestor IV later made attempts to seize the Imperial throne, which were foiled by Avelard.

Preceded by
Fredhrick I
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
(with Fredhrick II)

7456 AG - 7519 AG
Succeeded by