Alexandra Ecaz was the third wife of Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX and, consequently, Empress Consort during the years of the Late Corrino Empire. She was the mother of Crown Prince Fafnir, heir to the throne.

In the year 10, 079 AG., four years after the death of his second wife Yvette Hagal, Emperor Elrood IX married Alexandra from House Ecaz. In 10, 092 AG., the new Empress gave birth the heir of the throne, Crown Prince Fafnir, but six years later, on 10, 098 AG., Alexandra mysteriously disappeared. Her husband then married Habla of Hassika V, and because of that marriage, the Ecazi Revolt took place. The mysterious way she vanished, was perhaps one of the reasons why the Ecazis revolted against Elrood.

Her exact relation with Archduke Ferdinand Ecaz, head of House Ecaz by then, remains unknown.


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