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Guild Administrator

An Administrator refers to the branch of Spacing Guild personnel between the working managers of the organization, and the Navigator branch. Administrators make the necessary short-term and long-term decisions to keep the Guild as a functioning organization. They serve as liaisons between regular human-kind and Navigators, who are particularly unable to communicate with humans in their melange-altered state.

In the Guild's 15,000 year history; there was only one recorded instance of friction, if not downright civil war within the Guild—during the time of Kralizec. As the spice became extremely scarce due to its' hoarding by the New Sisterhood, the Administrator branch became open to the idea of using Ixian mathematical compilers to guide Guild heighliners. Unbeknownst to the Administrators, the Guild had unknowingly fallen under the influence of Enhanced Face Dancers, and their nefarious leader, Khrone, who disguised himself as an Ixian leader. After just a few short years, Khrone manipulated the Administrators into killing the Navigators, and had them replaced them with mathematical compilers on Guild craft.

The Administrators realized their great folly, when at the Battle of Chapterhouse on the Day of Kralizec, that all Ixian produced spacecraft had been sabotaged by the Dancers, including the Obliterator weapons. All human spacecraft were useless to the onslaught of the Thinking Machine armada. The Administrators further learned of their great mistake when the Oracle of Time/Norma Cenva showed up above Chapterhouse, with all surviving Navigators and their heighliners; and destroyed the first wave of Machine ships.

With the advent of the Ultimate Kwisatz Haderach, the final ghola of Duncan Idaho, the strife was healed in the Guild between Administrators and Navigators, and they joined together for man and machines brighter future.

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