Part of the wiki experience involves collaboration. And with that in mind, it's suggested that Dune Wiki administrators welcome each and every new user with a friendly message on their talk page, and some links which they might find helpful.

Below is a template for such a message, which can be copied and pasted as is. Administrators are encouraged to customize it to the specific user, based on the contributions they have (or haven't) made, and on which admin is leaving the message.

Template Copy

Hi _______,
Welcome to the Dune Wiki! Please feel free to browse around and continue making good contributions and observations that will improve the Dune Wiki. You might find the [[Welcome]] page and/or the [[Dune Wiki Guidelines|Dune Wiki guidelines]] pages helpful.
If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, just get in touch with one of the wiki admins ([[User:Careax]], [[User:Mcada|Mcada]], and [[User:JubalHarshaw|JubalHarshaw]]), or stop by the [[Dune talk:Community Portal|Community Portal]] to discuss more general Dune Wiki topics.
Best regards, ~~~~
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