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Duke Achillus in Emperor:Battle for Dune

Count Achileus Atreides nicknamed Merchant Count, lived during the internecine war after 1680 AG.

During this war, he furthered his family interests. Imperium-wide economic depression forced many House Minors and some of House Majors into economic decline and even bankruptcy.

Achilleus sold the family estates on Chalcedony and used the money to invest in CHOAM shares of undeveloped words. There, he developed the raw resources, and sold the processed goods back to the Houses.

He became the richest man in the Imperium and used his power to reduce the power of restored Emperor Corrin IV (1701 AG).

His grandsons were Phillipos III Atreides and Markos Atreides.

Emperor:Battle for DuneEdit

In the game Emperor: Battle for Dune, which is set in an alternative Duniverse House Atreides are led by Duke Achillus, played by Michael Dorn.Achillus Name is inspired by Achilleus from the Dune Encyclopedia while his appearance is loosely based on Jürgen Prochnows take on Leto Atreides in the 1984 David Lynch movie.

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