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The Abbey commonly refers to the headquarters of the Sisters in Isolation, a religious group based on the Eastern Continent of the planet Caladan. It was founded during the time of the Corrino Empire, and the Sisters there meditated in silence on the teachings of the Orange Catholic Bible.

The Abbey was built like many structures on the rainy, lush water-world of Caladan; built out of stone masonry blocks that had been mortared together with plascrete. The enormous compound of the Abbey consisted of housing for the individual sisters of the group, as well as production areas for their Imperium-wide traded weavings. Other areas of the compound included fowl-gathering areas, as the Sisters trapped their own avains to process and cook; amnd of course, a large kitchen, where meals were planned and distributed community style.

Lady Helena Atreides[edit | edit source]

The Abbey was a place where two notable exiles of House Atreides were sent to, to atone for their crimes. Lady Helena Atreides was sent to the Abbey by her son Leto Atriedes I for her secret role in the death of Duke Paulus Atreides. Almost a decade later, Castle Caladan Captain of the Armory Swain Goire was exiled to the Abbey for his inadvertent role in the death of Leto's son, Victor Atreides.

War of Assassins of 10,187 AG[edit | edit source]

Some time after her arrival Lady Helena managed to become the Abbess of the Sisters in Isolation, and was still leading the women later during the advent of the War of Assassins of 10,187 AG. During this time Goire had extended his role as protector of the Abbey. Helena granted Swordmaster Duncan Idaho and her grandson, Paul Atreides, a brief respite and sanctuary from Grumman-Harkonnen assassins that had tracked the duo from Caladan's Western Continent.

After Paul and Duncan stayed in the Abbey for over a week, the assassins found the duo, and bombarded the structures with heavy projectile weapons. Even as the Abbey crumbled into ruin around her from the explosions, Helena refused to leave the weavings-production area, and died in the rubble. Goire survived the collapse of the Abbey, but to atone for the death of Leto's first son, Victor; Goire stayed behind to single-handedly battle the assassins to give Leto's second son, Paul, a chance to escape. The last walls of the Abbey structure tumbled to the ground as Paul and Duncan were able to flee into the Caladan jungle.

The Abbey was never rebuilt.

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