Expanded Dune
This article or section refers to elements from Expanded Dune.

  • Aurelius Venport gives the Spacefolding technology and the Kolhar shipyards to the Jihad’s disposal.
  • Vidad and his colleagues broker peace between Omnius and the League. The war-weary humans want peace in spite of Serena Butler’s and Iblis Ginjo’s protest.
  • Serena Butler travels to Corrin seemingly to negotiate peace, but in truth to die a martyr’s death. She provokes Omnius until she is executed. Serena’s martyrdom gives a new flame to the Jihad.
  • Zufa Cenva is abducted by Hecate; thinking she is an enemy, she destroys her in a telekinetic blast. Zufa and Aurelius Venport die along with Hecate.
  • Hecate's asteroid falls on Ginaz. Death of Jool Noret.
  • Xavier Harkonnen discovers that Iblis Ginjo and the Tlulaxa have been kidnapping humans in large numbers for years from some planets and using their organs as replacement for jihadis. Xavier sends notice to Vorian Atreides, then kills Iblis and himself.
  • The Titans conquer Richese.
  • Ishmael and Marha get married.
  • The whole truth concerning the Tlulaxa organ scandal is never revealed. Thus history will remember Iblis Ginjo as hero and Harkonnen as traitor. To escape the tainted Harkonnen name Wandra Butler takes the name Butler.
  • Camie Boro becomes Grand Patriarch.
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