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The year of the culminatory battle between humankind and thinking machines, which some predicted and called Kralizec.

In that year, on Synchrony:

  • The no-ship, the Ithaca, was captured by the Thinking Machine ruler, Omnius, and forced down to the surface of the planet.
  • The ghola of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen killed the ghola of Alia Atreides, as she exited the Ithaca.
  • A duel to the death took place between the gholas of Paul Atreides, one raised on the Ithaca by the ghola of Duncan Idaho and Sheeana Brugh; and one raised by Harkonnen on Dan. The duel was to see who was the Ultimate Kwisatz Haderach, whom Erasmus, Ominus' assistant, believed was on the Ithaca. The duel occurred in the Cathedral.
  • Paolo won the duel, overdosed on the super-potent melange ultraspice, and went into a prescient coma.
  • The Oracle of Time appeared in the Cathedral, with a Guild heighliner Navigator of over a thousand ships. She then tranported Omnius to another dimensional universe, with herself leaving for there as a guardian.
  • Erasmus activated the Kill switch on all Enhanced Face Dancers in the Universe, killing all of them instantly, including Khrone their leader.
  • Duncan Idaho was revealed to be the Ultimate and final Kwisatz Haderach, who would bring a union and peace between man and machine. Due to his serial ghola lives, the Universe had chosen him to be its' leader, due to his compassion for humanity, and care for Thinking Machines. Erasmus then gave Idaho all of the Machine guidance access codes, which enabled Idaho to be the new Evermind. Erasmus then willingly died.
  • Idaho had his former lover and mother of his children, Murbella brought to Synchrony, to witness the new peace between humans and robots. Synchrony became the headquarters of the new Bene Gesserit sisterhood, and of the new Bene Tleilaxu race.

In that year, in the Old Imperium:

  • The Thinking Machine Armada reached Chapterhouse and Junction for battle, after having ravaged both planets with the Omnius Scourge months earlier.
  • Murbella, Mother Commander of the New Sisterhood, and her daughter Bashar Janess Idaho, tried to enagage the Machines in starship battle but realized that human-kind's ships had been sabotaged by Face Dancers.
  • The Oracle of Time stepped in with her Heighliner Fleet, and destroyed the first wave of attacking Machine ships. The Navigators returned hours later, and escorted Murbella to Synchrony to meet with the now-super-being Duncan Idaho.

In that year, on Rakis:

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