Expanded Dune
This article or section refers to elements from Expanded Dune.

  • The Great Surrender Ceremony is ordered by Emperor Paul Atreides Muad'Dib as a way of Landsraad nobles to show obeisance.
  • The Tleilaxu Kwisatz Haderach candidate known as Thallo attempts to kill through nerve gas the inhabitants of the entire city of Thalidei on Tleilax. His is killed by Marie Fenring.
  • At the Ceremony, Swordmaster Whitmore Bludd, in an attempt to gain historical fame, plans a well-rehearsed assassination attempt on the Emperor. In the ensuing hunter-seeker melee', many nobles are killed or trampled, including Rugi Corrino.
  • Marie Fenring is sent to Arrakis by Hasimir Fenring, and his wife, Margot Fenring, to be raised in the Imperial Court in Arrakeen.
  • The 5-year rebellion of Landsraad nobles, led by Memnon Thorvald is put to an end; as Paul sees their strike against Caladan in a prescient vision. Paul orders the somewhat guilty Guild Navigator Beric to strand the rebels in their starships in distant space with no supplies.
  • Paul orders House Atreides starships to destroy and sterilize all life on Ipyr, homeworld of Memnon Thorvald.
  • Second attempt on the Emperor's life. At a celebratory banquet in honor of the Fenring's, little Marie Fenring springs into action, and attempts to kill Paul with a needle-wire whip; she is killed by Alia Atreides. A few minutes later, Hasimir stabs Paul deep through chest and back with the Emperor's Blade; but Paul self heals himself. The Fenring's are allowed to live, and are permanently banished to Salusa Secundus.
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