Expanded Dune
This article or section refers to elements from Expanded Dune.

  • Lady Jessica Atreides, and her son Paul Atreides, visited Ix; so Paul could be dropped off for exchange study in the underground city of Vernii.
  • Guilt-caster Stokia, and three other Bene Gesserit sisters put Tessia Vernius into a deep coma for her disobedience to the Sisterhood.
  • Rhombur Vernius revealed to his adopted son, Bronso Vernius of Ix, that he is actually Bronso's uncle; and that long-dead Tyros Reffa is actually Bronso's father.
  • Bronso decided to run away from Ix, Paul accompanied him. They stow away a Guild heighliner, and join a Jongleur Face Dancer performing group, with their first stop on Balut.
  • Led by Gurney Halleck and Duncan Idaho, and with assistance from the Guild; the duo are found on Chusuk; and joined by their respective parents.
  • In the Hall of Shards, Paul foils an assassination attempt on the Governor of Balut. During the secondary attack, Rhombur realizes the attempt is only half over, and gives his life to protect others.
  • Brosno casts House Atreides out of his life, as he is made embittered by what he thinks is Rhombur's over-concern for Paul. Rhombur's last words are, "Is Paul safe?"
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